Classical Journey Episode 124 – Msadala, Haydn and Tchaikovsky

Today, we focus on the piano. Great works from the likes of Mark Msadala, Joseph Haydn and Tchaikovsky.

I introduce to you Mark Msadala, perhaps, Africa’s youngest composer of the classical genre.

Mark Msadala was born on the 3rd of December in 1996. Recently, Mark had a minor argument with his mother about what career choice he would have to go for. From childhood, Mark publicly thought of himself as a future Electrical Engineer, the same career path as his father, but at the time of the argument with his mum, he now had thoughts of pursuing music. Soon, his mother convinced him to first take Electrical engineering and then sponsor himself into music once he could, and that is how he found himself in China. Over there, Musical maturity emerged since he spent a lot of time immersing himself into musical knowledge before actively beginning his Engineering studies.

The Piano Sonata in E-flat major, Hob. XVI/52, L. 62, was written in 1794 by Joseph Haydn. It is the last of Haydn’s piano sonatas, and is widely considered his greatest. It has been the subject of extensive analysis by distinguished musicological personages such as Heinrich Schenker and Sir Donald Tovey, largely because of its expansive length, unusual harmonies and interesting development. The sonata is sometimes referred to as number 62 based on the numbering of Landon instead of the numbering of Hoboken.

Rebeca Omordia has made a name for herself as a vibrant and exciting virtuoso who is in demand throughout the UK and abroad. She has performed with world-renowned artists including Amy Dickson, Raphael Wallfisch, Răzvan Suma and Jiaxin Lloyd Webber. Rebeca’s recording with Mark Bebbington, “The Piano Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams” reached No. 3 in the UK Classical Music Chart.


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